Question: Do you have any brick and mortar stores? 
Answer: Yes!  We currently have three physical shops in Bali. Two located in Ubud and one in Canggu.  We also have retailers and yoga studios around the world stocking Studio K.   
Question: Where do you ship from?
Answer: We ship all orders from our headquarters in Bali,Indonesia. For more information please visit this page. 
Question: How do I figure out what size will suit me best? 
Answer: We have a size guide on every product page.  If you feel unsure, or like you're in between sizes please email your measurements (bust, waist, hips & height) and the name of the pieces you're interested in purchasing to info@studiokyogawear.com.  We love to offer you personalised guidance :) 
Question:  I placed an order over 5 days ago but I have not received any emails or a shipping confirmation yet.   What is happening with my order 
Answer:  If it has been 5 days since you've placed an order and you have not heard from us, please check the  junk / promotions folder of your inbox.  Either your shipping confirmation email has ended up here or we have reached out with an update to your order and we are waiting on a response before we send your items. If you do not see any communications from us, please send us an email with your order number to info@studiokyogawear.com and we'll get back to you within 24 hours (excluding Saturday and Sunday).
Question: What materials do you use?
Answer: We craft our pieces from sustainable, organic, recycled and ethically sourced materials like recycled ocean waste & fishing nets, organic bamboo and natural flax linen. Read more about our materials here
Question: Why are your products so expensive?
Answer: Recycled and organic materials are still expensive, where most of the fashion industry is still choosing to craft from non-sustainable and cheaply woven fabrics.  We would not be in this industry if we didn't choose better ways to align our art with the organic cycles of life and nature.  Yet we offer similar prices as the biggest yoga brands who are producing from non-natural and non-organic materials and producing on a mass scale, which is a lot cheaper than producing small batches like we do. 
Sometimes it feels overwhelming to compete with the fast fashion industry, but I trust that this is the only way forward for the fashion industry.  The good thing is that prices for sustainable materials will decrease as more people choose to support sustainable brands!  We hope to be able to offer our designs for less in the future. 
Our manufacturer is part of the Fashion Revolution program, which means the factory we work with (small women-owned business) offers fair wages and healthy working conditions. 
Question: Which pieces are the most popular? 
Answer: Freja crop and Ingrid leggings / Vega biker shorts is our current bestselling outfit! 
Question: What is the difference between the Ingrid and Lydia leggings?
Answer: Lydia is cut from locally sourced organic cotton and Ingrid is made from recycled ocean waste. 
Question:  Do I need to hand wash or can I use the washing machine? 
Answer: You can wash all Studio K pieces in 40 degrees machine wash.  Please wash with similar colors, no tumble dry and iron on lowest heat. Learn more about clothing care here
Question: Do you do wholesale?
Answer: Yes!  Stores, online shops, yoga studios and boutiques are selling our designs world wide.  Enno is handling all our wholesale accounts. Email her directly to inquire enno@studiokyogawear.com