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Hand Dyeing vs. Natural Dyeing

Once upon a time we began with naturally dyed fabrics.  We were new on the scene and as committed as ever to our mission of sustainable fashion. While naturally dyed workout wear sounded like an excellent idea in the beginning of our journey, we soon learned it was far from the most sustainable way to produce our garments.
As we experimented, we learned that using natural dyes caused our pieces to fade in the sunlight, to bleed in warm water, and even to mold in the high Bali humidity.  We ended up having to donate or re-purpose all the items in our original stock of naturally dyed organic cotton garments.  We also learned that it isn't possible to naturally dye recycled fabrics and that various colors, such as deep black, can not be achieved with natural dyes. 
We switched over to hand dyeing our garments in small batches with local artisans, and we couldn't be happier with the results.  While we do not use plant/fruit dyes for this process, we do take extra care to ensure all dyes and substances used in the process are disposed of responsibly. 
In the end, we learned that producing the most sustainable workout wear meant steering away from natural dyes and opting for a more durable option that would allow our pieces to withstand the test of time, vigorous sweat, and frequent washes.  We believe the most sustainable active wear we can create is the kind that uses as many sustainable components as possible, but also stays in your closet and out of the landfill for as long as possible.
We are however very excited to announce that we are testing some new naturally dyed linen casual wear as linen is much more cooperative when it comes to natural dyeing. To stay up to date and on our newest naturally dyed linen line be sure to sign up for our newsletter :) 

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